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  • Flowers have the best vase life if cut in the morning (before 11am).

  • We have pruners/scissors for cutting. 

  • Your cup will be filled with water upon arrival. If your container spills while your in the flower field make sure you add water back into your container before you leave. The flowers need water at all times.

  • We have two different experiences to choose from

    • Bloom Experience! (With Flower Cup) ​

    • Bloom Experience! (Just Relaxing)

  • Wear proper shoes/sandals. The rows are grass/dirt and the ground has some uneven places.

  • The flower field can be HOT, please wear appropriate attire. 

  • Some of the flowers are supported with a white plastic netting, PLEASE be careful and try not to cut this netting. Keep an eye on your children when they are using pruners.

  • There are NO bathrooms on site. 

  • Think of how you will transport your flowers home. Flowers like air conditioning, but don’t like open air/wind in their hair, so no riding in the back of your truck please, haha! 

  • The Silos and Promise Manor are closed during U-Pick times to our guests, please do not venture to them. 

  • No dogs / animals please. 

  • This is our home so please be respectful of our property.

  • Please do not leave trash in our field.

  • No Smoking.

  • Keep your children close and please do not let them destroy the flowers.

  • Instructions on how/where to be cut will be given to you upon arrival. 

  • We are a working bee farm, please be mindful. 


What is the cost?

We have two different experiences to choose from

  • Bloom Experience! (With Flower Cup), this is your ticket to all the flower fun. Do not bring your own containers to fill. 

  • Bloom Experience! (Just Relaxing), you do not have access to cutting flowers with this option. 

What if I don’t want to pick flowers and just want to take photos with my cell phone?

Sure, that’s fine too! We charge $10 per person for this, sorry y’all but we cannot provide this beautiful space for your “selfies” for free. Please be considerate of those around you.


What If I’m bringing my family and we will just be purchasing one cup, do we have to pay the $10 for each family member?

Goodness, no. If your family is paying to pick flowers, then we do not expect you to pay the $10 per each family member. Just remember, you will only get one pair of scissors so sharing is caring.

I have small children, are they welcome?

Absolutely, we are family friendly and love to see families in the flower field! However, please do not let your small children have the pruners and keep them with you at all times. Our flower field is not a playground, so please don’t let them run freely. If we see unsupervised children that are destroying the flowers or property, we will kindly ask you to leave.

I have a professional photographer coming to take out family/personal photos. How do I go about this?

We LOVE professional photographers!  For this we charge a $50/hour fee for sessions on Thursdays. Your photographer will have to reach out to us via email, to set up a session time and insure they have proper documentation on file with us. NO PHOTO SESSIONS ON SATURDAYS - this is our busiest day for flowers.  


Can we bring a picnic?

Sure, picnics are welcome while our Saturday session is open (9AM-11AM)! We do also encourage you to visit our fresh trailer filled with ice cold beverages and sweet treats from Bee Blessed Bakery here in Lynchburg.  If your already paying to pick flowers there’s no additional fee to have a picnic. Please clean up ALL trash and take the trash with you.


Can I bring my dog?

Sorry, but the answer is no.

How do I pay?

Your experience must be paid for online prior to arrival – no experience tickets will be for sale at the flower field.

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